Counselling/psychotherapy provides you with an opportunity to explore, in confidence, anything that you feel is impacting negatively on your life.  This could be anything from a problem with anger to feeling low.  Sometimes, although we may have a good idea as to why we feel and act the way we do, we need help to make changes.  At other times, our feelings are confusing and even overwhelming. 

Counselling/psychotherapy will help you to gain new insights into your feelings and behaviours and give you the space to think about any changes you may wish to make.


You may be wondering what the difference is between counselling and psychotherapy.  They are both umbrella terms that cover a range of talking therapies and there is no definitive distinction.  However, counselling generally deals with specific life issues, whereas psychotherapy is used to deal with deeper issues, often with those whose past experiences are still causing distress, and the work is often long-term.  However, more important than the type of therapy, or whether it is long or short-term, is the relationship between the therapist and the client, and I believe the key to successful therapy is a trusting, collaborative, relationship where the client feels valued and secure enough to explore difficult issues.



Counselling is for anyone who wants to:

  • find support, away from the pressures of everyday life
  • gain insights into the difficulties they are experiencing
  • clarify choices
  • resolve old hurts and conflicts
  • challenge tendencies to repeat unhelpful patterns of thought and behaviour
  • overcome addictive behaviour
  • make sense of the present by exploring links to the past and how these may be impacting on the present
  • deepen awareness of themselves and their relationships




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